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Alrighty, my show is currently up and running at the Incinerator until the 24th of July. (Photos to come). I thought we were quite organized ahead of time, but somehow managed to leave the lighting, hole-in-wall-fixing, numbering and price lists, and organizing drinks until the last couple of hours before the opening – that was a little bit stressful.

Aside from the first attendees coming in while the finishing touches were being put on, the opening went well, with most of my time unexpectedly being spent processing sales (there is still one piece available) and doing my best to mingle.
Now I can relax just a little bit and focus fully on getting the Memorial Garden project completed. I’ve got to go and pick up yet another tub of “bud green” underglaze on my way to the studio today, and hopefully get another dozen tiles finished and into the kiln.
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