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A while back I reassessed my prices (inspired by an episode of The Office when Michael gave huge discounts until he realized that the company was losing money every time he sold something), and the math showed that I was basically doing the same thing.  This prompted two things.

One is that I’ve put the prices on the Slab range up a bit (and even more for the dark purple ones, as the stains are truly spendy) – this still doesn’t cover overheads, but it gets me a little closer.

The second outcome, compounded by the Slab price increase, was a desire to make a range on the accessible-to-many end of the price spectrum, while still being able to pay myself a living wage.  Enter “Slip/Score”.  Slip/Score is so named in honor of it’s surface treatments – some pieces’ surfaces are scored and then inlaid with oxides, the excess is scraped off and made into a decorating slip, which is applied to some of the other pieces.  Most of the pieces (tiny dish, spot bowl, shallow bowl, lunch plate) are simple slab forms and are, relative to Slab, quickly made.  Combine that with my warmer embrace of variation from piece to piece, and I’m in a position to offer them at relatively low prices.  (The mug and “long dish” are more complicated and time consuming, as  is reflected in their prices.)  But enough about price!  That was only one of the driving factors!  Other things that I’m up to in this range are loosening up, being more expressive and emotive, welcoming shifts in tone and texture from batch to batch.


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