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Fellow artist Georgia Harvey and myself are working on a collaborative project that examines the convergence and divergence of two practices that will  culminate in a show at Tinning Street Presents in October 2016.    We have connected through a shared interest in exploratory techniques, and curious, non-representational (but ambiguously familiar) sculptural forms.   We’re making pieces and swapping them and making pieces in response (in any way), then swapping again, and again.

One issue that is coming up for me is the fuzzy boundaries between inspiration and theft.  I had notions before of what amount of ‘inspiration’ was acceptable (very little). And then some part of me has decided that this project has given me the right to thieve. And after doing it I feel little bits of guilt and shame and then other bits are justifying it.    To be clear I’m not referring to actually taking an art object from someone else and signing my name to it.  I just saw something on instagram (a textile art piece) that I liked and I made a vaguely similar form in clay, which I’ve handed off to Georgia for her to finish/glaze.  But I never would have allowed myself to do such a thing before.  And it’s liberating.  And a little frightening.  Too easy, but perhaps worth exploring as a notion.

On instagram follow the hashtag #JamEveryOtherDay to see both of our work in the making.  Feel free to comment as your interpretations may become ‘inspiration’ for a future piece in the project.


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