Well Hello.  I’m a Canadian born ceramic artist currently living in Melbourne Australia.  I’ve been working with clay since my first class in 2004.  I completed a four year Visual Arts degree at Emily Carr University of Art and Design (Vancouver) in 2009, with a focus on ceramics.

I make things with clay for different reasons:

With functional tableware, I try to make objects that do their job well and have a bit of flair or fun about them.   Some pieces are made quickly and are intended to be accessible for people with a small budget, other pieces are more complex.   More and more I’ve been turning away from perfection, because a machine can do that better.

Sculptural work –    I’ve been experimenting with materials, making blobs, melting clay,  making lots of little pieces (tic tacs/sausages/toes) and joining them together.   Allowing them to fail then propping them back up again.  Arranging colour.

   Check the blog and stockists pages  for details on selling situations and exhibitions.

Thanks for taking an interest in my work!

Dawn and Fondok