Functional 2012-2015

Landscapes of my Youth (LOMY)

Stained Clay, hand built, clear glaze, mid fired, 2014 +
PC Jeremy Dillon

Scallop Mugs

Wheel thrown, multiple glazes, high fired, 2016

Puffy handled lidded containers

Wheel thrown, hand built knob, 2013 ish

Tab dishes

Wheel thrown and altered, clear glaze, high fired, 2012 ish


PC: Jeremy Dillon

Pair of vases

Wheel thrown, multiple glazes and under glazes,high fired, 2012 ish

Scallop range

2012 ish

An extension from Tab dishes

2012 ish

Slab Cups

Stained clay, slab built, clear glaze, high fired, 2012 +
PC: Jeremy Dillon

Mixed Slab cups and saucers



Hand built, multiple surface treatments, high fired, 2015 ish
PC: Jeremy Dillon

Slip/Score range – lunch plate, shallow bowl, spot bowl, mug, tray, cylinder, tiny dish
PC: Jeremy Dillon

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