Alphabet Pedestal Plant Pot 2

This plant pot was thrown on the wheel, while the saucer was hand built.  The two elements set each other off quite nicely and will only improve with the addition of some greenery.

The pot has a drainage hole.  It has no glaze inside while there is a satin white glaze outside with cobalt brushwork.

The saucer/pedestal is made from terracotta clay.  Normally terracotta would be porous and allow water to pass through, but not in this case.  The clay has been fired hotter than terracotta normally is, and any remaining porosity on the top of the saucer/pedestal has been sealed with a totally non-toxic and invisible sealant.  Water cannot pass through the saucer.

Measurements are approximate and are taken while the pot and saucer are stacked (the width and length are taken at the widest area, in this case that’s the saucer).

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Dimensions 13 x 13 x 16.5 cm